About of company

“Techmarine Ltd” Company is a qualified ship-repair enterprise. The company carries out the following works with high quality and warranty:
  • Class and dock repair of any type vessels , hull and construction washing , sandblasting or cleaning with high pressure water – (Standard SA 2,5) and painting without air;
  • Repair and maintenance of simple and “Simplex-compact” and “Cedevral” type rudder- blades;
  • Repair and maintenance of vessel’s general and auxiliary engine and their automatic control system;
  • Repair , regulation and inspection of auxiliary mechanisms and their controlling automatics ( compressors , separators , pumps, electric generators and engines, steam boilers , hydraulic cargo lifting cranes, hydraulic mechanisms and their system, pipe system, electric mechanisms and cable system, radio-navigational, satellite system )
  • Repair and maintenance of vessel’s electric equipment, Main switchboard, switchboard, Automatic remote control and electrical systems, as well all cable system, navigational and radio-satellite system
  • Offering other technical services and basic technical advises;
  • Performance of project-construction jobs on the vessels;

The offered services are carrying out in berth and on the floating dock that we rent floating dock:

  • – weight lifting capacity Q = 800 tones ; length L = 52 m ; Width B = 14 m
  • – weight lifting capacity Q = 4000 tones ; length L = 110 m ; Width B = 18,6 m
  • – weight lifting capacity Q= 5000 tones; length L = 130 m; Width B = 19,7 m
  • – weight lifting capacity Q= 8000 tones; length L = 158 m; Width B = 29,5 m
  • The company has an auto parking, passenger and load trucks , tractors, forklift, cargo-lifting cranes , diesel generators and compressors, welding testing equipment , any type hydro press , and other. Above mentioned mechanism are tested annually in (AzTest) State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents of Experimental Test Centre of the Republic of Azerbaijan and get the “Certificate of conformity”.
Production working structure of company is as follows:
  • Docking-hull works ( water, oil , fuel container cleaning group , hull-metal surface painting , locksmith group , electric-gas welding group , engineers)
  • Internal combustion engines and auxiliary machinery of the ship( locksmith on internal combustion engine and auxiliary machinery , locksmith on pipelines, engineers on mechanical parts)
  • Electro technical part – (Locksmiths on generator, electric pumps, electrical equipment, electrical –cables, satellite system, radio-navigational system, engineers on electric-technical part)
  • Additionally “Techmarine Ltd” Company perform technical –exploitation and warranted technical services of vessel and vessel’s power equipment according to terms of “SOLAS-74” of International Maritime Convention .
  • “Techmarine Ltd” offers to its clients berth for temporary standby of vessels, high secured indoor and open air places for cargo and container holding , various tonnage cargo ships, diving works and so on.